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How to decide the best laptop for you?

In simple, let your purpose make to decide what laptop should you have to buy. This would greatly help to get better suitable laptops for you.

However, a great configuration laptop does all whatever you want to go with but still, you may regrate if you did not reach up to buy the best alternative option. So I start here with some points that need to be focused while you are going to pay your keen investment.

It could be categorized into three ways:-


First, if you are a reader lover, most likely doing web surfing on the internet or for study purposes with frequent create/edit the representations/documentation then you can buy laptops having low processing CPU units. That effectively even runs the battery for long-lasting. In addition, it’s 2020, be sure now laptop should have SSD storage or m.2 NVMe storage otherwise low processing CPU units would not remain sufficient to run window operating system, however, can run Linux distributions or Chrome OS.

Designer/Video Editor/Programmer

Secondly, if you are a programmer/designer or belong to professional business, it means you are also going to use some advanced & popular heavy software like IDE, photoshop, video editor, etc along with light software. So, of course, the focusing point here should be your laptop’s response time. This means speed greatly preferred. In order to have average processing CPU units ( i.e. Pentium Gold models after G5400 or core i3 of at least 8th generation ) must have SSD or m.2 NVMe storage.

This all about considering your purpose. But what about if your purpose beyond your needs. Means want to go with multitasking ( working upon multiple applications simultaneously ). Surely, for that, you must have high-end processing units that come to under the next third type.


The users of the third type, their scope of usability not up to a certain purpose, they may likely play heavy games along with utilizing heavy software or may like to run simultaneously many applications. It needs to buy a laptop having the CPU units of core i5, i7 or i9 ( At least of 8th generation and preferred to go with the 10th generation ). Not up to high-end CPU surely must have additional Graphics Card units (preferred if at least of GeForce 10 series ).

Now it’s up to your budget more RAM leads more smoothly go your laptop to run.

Trending and the alternate option is AMD

An alternative to Intel processor and GeForce graphics card, nowadays awesome option AMD processor/graphics card available. In the 2018-2019 AMD Ryzen processor boom the market. Comparision to Intell, AMD Ryzen has offered extra core processors that enable fast processing even in the budget range, that’s awesome!. So in any aspect can’t avoid the CPUs Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 series offered by AMD. These CPUs are doing more that Intel i5 or i7 respectively. You can check the latest launched Ryzen 5, 7 series laptops.

Apple MacBook – Quality is the priority

Yes, quality remains the priority for Apple products. In terms of Softwares, hardware, and services provided by Apple MacBook remains in lead to the market. However here for that all you have to pay more for less, or better to say pay more for quality. But it ensures great value for your investment because of even the great resale values. Except for gamers, all are preferred to go with MacBook. So pointing out why MacBook to be preferred if budget is not your concern point:

  • Optimized operating system and application software that makes to run smoothly your laptop with less consuming your battery power.
  • Lightweight makes easy portable.
  • Ensure with its own software for security and privacy.

My last experience with my laptop

However, my last used laptop is the Lenovo “3000 G530”. Haha… Amazing!. I had purchased it in the year 2008 and still, it is running. Only its fan was stopped after the use of approx 2-3 years. Because of now its 32-bit architecture not supporting a windows 10 of the 64-bit, it becomes almost useless but still a powerful machine. I have spent my whole collage to professional sessions & it helped me a lot for gaming and working. So yes I can recommend Lenovo as brand-wise.

Lenovo 3000 G530

In short, your laptop should be close to your purpose considering your budget point. Budget and performance lovers have the awesome option to go now with AMD. And if budget is not your considering point you can choose for MacBook.